Every business requires a unique approach to software, demanding solutions that are catered to its particular business objectives and corporate organizational structure. K-Teq provides software development services to organizations of any size, leveraging the latest developments in tech to bring your business the software it needs to succeed.


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Internet of Things

Technological advancements have allowed businesses to make software an even larger part of their daily operations. IoT brings drastic improvements to data-driven business opportunities, logistics, consumer-facing innovation, and revenue streams. Reap the benefits of tech advancements by implementing IoT in your business.

Online Billing and Payment Solutions

K-Teq can help you integrate a solid online billing solution with support of customized payment terms, real-time billing, and management of multiple revenue streams.

Customer Relationship Management

K-Teq can help you develop a CRM system that is tailored to the needs and operations of your business. Automate minutiae tasks and create flexible workflows that cater to the changing needs of your customers.

Enterprise Mobility

As a mobile-first development company, K-Teq can help you make your business mobile. We can help you create dependable mobility roadmaps and transform your enterprise software into fully functional mobile suites.

Enterprise Content Management

Reduce overhead costs of data management with a complete enterprise content management (ECM) solution from K-Teq. Improve operational efficiency and increase the control you have over key business processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Data mining and Big Data have become essential components of enterprise business. Take your business a step further by introducing self-learning software capable of pattern recognition and deep personalization recommendations. Turn your data into actionable analytics and transform your organization.

B2B and B2C Web Portals

We can help you create fully custom and mobile-friendly web portal solutions that promote your products and highlight your services. We will design, develop, and deploy scalable web portal solutions for internal or external use, providing your business with the functionality it needs for sales automation, supply chain management, or customer communications and services.


We can buil a robot that can help you the task that seems to be draining your resourses and time. Internal or external application you name it, we build it for you.

Augement reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is an enhanced view of the physical real world seen through a digital screen. Augmented Reality allows a user to interact with digital world using real world objects or interact with real world object using digital medium. We can get your brand everywhere around with the reality coming Real.

Cloud Computing

Lower your overhead costs, optimize the efficiency of your daily operations, and improve knowledge sharing within your organization by eliminating problems with hardware and shifting to cloud-based storage and computing services. Delegate these responsibilities to trusted cloud vendors, improve the uptime of your services, and enhance mobility within your enterprise.

Omnichannel Commerce

We help retail clients unify the best features of their online and physical shopping spaces in a single omnichannel commerce solution. Help your sales reps engage clients across multiple platforms, providing a consistent and high-quality shopping experience. K-Teq is equally capable of both building an omnichannel solution from the ground up, or improving your legacy suite.

Document Management

Maximize productivity and minimize costs with effective cross-platform document management suites. We can help you develop a cloud-based solution based on your company’s existing software components, streamlining business processes and providing mobile access to key information exactly when it’s needed most.

Enterprise Extranets and Intranets

Improve communication between departments and simplify knowledge sharing in your organization. K-Teq can help you develop enterprise intranets and extranets creating more cost-effective information sharing and ensuring transparent collaboration regardless of your employees’ location.

Business Intelligence

Having helped hundreds of enterprise clients develop exquisite software solutions, we understand that successful implementation of enterprise-wide reporting and business performance management tools can improve your business, increase productivity, and optimize business operations at every level. K-Teq can help you get the most out of online analytical processing, Big Data, benchmarking, and business process management.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Growing and established businesses need ERP systems to overcome their competition, and K-Teq has the experience necessary to put this kind of system into place. We develop ERP solutions that are engineered to help your business—leverage your capabilities, minimize spending, increase total output, and fulfil your business potential.

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Kickstarted in 2015, K-Teq has steadily been growing and earning the trust of hundreds of businesses by providing them with enterprise-grade software solutions and turning their ideas into reality with the help of our highly qualified developers.

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